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    Cat? Gensets Power Sustainable Results on Shrimp Farm

    Home or hospital. City or countryside. Restaurant or restroom. Energy is an important part of our everyday life. And no matter the time or place, our solutions help our customers deliver sustainable results.

    In northeastern Brazil, Caterpillar customer Camanor has become a reliable shrimp supplier for restaurant chains by developing its own production system: AquaScience?.

    AquaScience is a combination of techniques that treat the water from white spot disease, a highly contagious and deadly viral disease of crustaceans, and reuse it in a sustainable way.

    To keep the innovative AquaScience system running 24/7, Camanor depends on Cat? gensets and the support of Cat dealer Sotreq to guarantee energy at its Cana Brava Farm. Our energy solutions not only help the system continuously run, but keep tons of shrimp alive before being shipped to restaurant chains.

    Soon, Camanor plans to construct new shrimp nurseries to triple its production. See how in this video.

    Key Video Highlights:

    • Caterpillar, Cat dealer Sotreq and customer Camanor collaborate to meet the Cana Brava Farm's need for 24/7 electricity
    • The farm uses Camanor's unique AquaScience sustainable water treatment system 


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